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TODAY, ON THE BENCH – 31 January 2024

Today on the bench, attackers are now gaining root access to major Linux distros through the New Glibc flaw. The vulnerability tracked as CVE-2023-6246 is rooted in glibc’s_vsyslog_internal () function, used by syslog() and vsyslog() for system logging purposes. According to one of the researchers, the vulnerability allows local privilege escalation, enabling unauthorized users to gain full root access.

Chinese hackers now exploit Ivanti VPN flaws to deploy KrustyLoader malware. This is coming after researchers discovered a pair of recently disclosed zero-day flaws in Ivanti connect secure (ICS) VPN devices that have been exploited to facilitate delivery of KrustyLoasder, which is a Rust-based payload used in dropping the open-source silver adversary simulation tool. The vulnerability tracked CVE-2023-46805 and CVE-2024-21887 scores 8.2 and 9.1, respectively.

Italian businesses are in trouble due to wide-spreading cryptojacking malware through weaponized USBs. The act is perpetrated by UNC4990, a financially motivated threat actor. According to Google-owned Mandiant, The attacks single out health, transportation, construction, and logistics companies.

Researchers revealed telegram marketplaces fuel phishing attacks with easy-to-use kits and malware. According to the report, telegram is fast becoming the epicenter for cybercrime, helping threat actors launch mass attacks for insignificant prices such as $230. Accordingto Oleg Zaytsev and Nati Tal, “This messaging app has transformed into a bustling hub where seasoned cybercriminals and newcomers alike exchange illicit tools and insights, creating a dark and well-oiled supply chain of tools and victims’ data.”

Seven companies have suffered ransomware attacks from the 8base group. The companies include:

    • Basin Trucking and Oilfield Services LLC: The company is a trucking company specializing in transportation and services, including pump trucks, hot shots, haul trucks, flatbeds, forklifts, vacuum trucks, lowboy, envirovac, sandblasting, and coating. Their oilfield construction and demolition services include tank battery facilities, oil and gas facilities, compressor station construction, and turn key services. The Texas-based company currently has over 200 employees with a revenue of $6 million.
    • Diamond Technical Services: The company is a technical services and engineering consulting company catering to the utility, oil, gas, chemical, refining, food processing, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, agricultural, and power industries. They offer comprehensive services, including boiler Inspections, NDE services, remote inspections, outage and project support, and engineering services, effectively providing a one-stop shop for all industrial client needs. The company currently has 500 employees and a revenue of $51.6 million.
    • Elliott Wave International: Elliott Wave is a financial analysis and market forecasting firm with a revenue of $11.6 million and over 200 employees. The company specializes in worldwide stock market forecasting, leading application of the Elliott Wave Principle, Worldwide Financial Market Analysis, and Socionomics/Social Mood.
    • Geographe: Geographe is one of the Australian mining companies with remarkable manufacturing, engineering, and supply organization of parts and services for fleets in the mining, resources, and earthmoving sectors. The company specializes in aftermarket parts, OEM replacement, Reliability, and Gears and gearboxes. The company revenue is currently $34.1 million, with over 200 employees.
    • Meag Va-system: This water and sewage company consists of experienced specialists with a corporate culture characterized by commitment, professional pride, and societal benefit. The Swedish company acts as an advisor and partner to professional clients. The company currently has over 200 employees and $6.2 million in revenue.
    • Sequano: The Paris-based French company with over 200 employees is famous for its specialty in development, construction, studies, urban renewal, and real estate. The company currently has a revenue of $2.1 billion.
    • VVD Electtrotecnica Srlis an Italian automation machinery manufacturing company headquartered in Vas, Veneto. The company currently has over 50 employees with $26 million in revenue. They specialize in industrial automation, electrical design, PLC software, robots, motion control, and safety, HMI software and supervision, consulting, training, engineering, Industry 4.0, safety ISO 13849, assembly of electrical panels, machine onboard electrical systems, food, beverages, bottling, mechanical, brick-making, material handling, and building automation.

Two companies (Sahchicago and MRM) suffered an attack from the LockBit3.0 ransomware group.

      • Moto Repuestos Monterrey (MRM) is a Mexican wholesale company with over 500 employees and 112 associated members. The company specializes in motorcycle parts and accessories. The revenue is currently $62.5 million.
      • Saint Anthony Hospital is a medical facility in Chicago serving over 400,000 residents. The facility is famous for improving the health and wellness of families across the city by providing medical care, social services, and community outreach programs. The facility currently has over 5,000 employees and $97.4 million in revenue. The breach threatens patient and employee privacy due to the possibility of data exfiltration, which has not yet been disclosed.





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