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More Medibank Data Stolen by Hackers Released on Dark Web

Australian health insurer Medibank has now confirmed that the hackers responsible for the mass data breach earlier this year have released more files of stolen customer data onto the dark web.

This May Be The Final Upload of Stolen Data From the Cyber Security Healthcare Breach.

It has been suggested that this recent upload of confidential information, stolen during the healthcare cybersecurity breach in October 2022, contains the final files that the hackers possessed. This seems to have been confirmed by the threat actors responsible for the ransomware attack, as they commented, “Added folder full. Case closed” on a recent post detailing the new release of files.

Medibank has yet to finish analyzing all the data released in this latest upload but has stated that the data did appear to match the information stolen.

However, this is yet to have been confirmed by either Medibank or Australian legal authorities. It is also unknown what other actions the threat actors may take with any stolen information they may still have which has not been uploaded.

Medibank Refused to Pay Those Responsible for the Cyber Security Threats and Ransom Demands

The latest upload by those responsible for the cyber attacks comes after the health insurance giant made cyber security news by refusing to pay up when the hackers demanded a ransom to return the stolen information. This refusal was met with the threat actors’ steady leaking the information on the dark web.

The Released Stolen Data is “Incomplete and Hard to Understand.”

Medibank, a giant in the healthcare industry in Australia, has commented that a lot of the data is difficult to read, and the uploaded protected health information does not match the names and personal details of their customers. The health care insurer stated this should make it difficult for cybercriminals to gain access to the information they need to commit identity or financial fraud.

But previous releases by the hackers of patient care records and related data have included intelligible sensitive information, leaving customers vulnerable to different cybersecurity threats.

Medibank Customers Remain Uncertain About the Cyber Security Incident

Following the data breach, many Medibank customers remain uncertain whether their personal and sensitive information has been uploaded on the dark web. This uncertainty has caused customers considerable distress due to the sensitive medical and financial information released by criminals.

Medibank Chief Executive David Koczkar has assured customers that the company will contact those affected by the dark web uploads and that the healthcare provider is committed to “fully and transparently communicating with customers.”

The organization has set up a cyber security hotline for its customers and provides those affected with 24/7 phone support from mental health professionals.

All Medibank customers have been advised to take immediate steps to update their password and login details if they have not already done so following the cyber security attack.



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