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BreachForums, a hacking forum, has been shut down

BreachForums, a hacking forum, was officially shut down by its current administrator, Baphomet, as confirmed in a March 21, 2023, update. Despite the announcement, Baphomet emphasized that this was not the end and that the platform may return, though speculation suggests it may not be soon.

Baphomet took to Telegram to share some information about the decision to shut down the forum, citing concerns that law enforcement agencies may have gained access to the site’s configurations, source code, and user information. Baphomet acknowledged that some users might disagree with the decision but promised that what is to come would be better for everyone.

The shutdown of BreachForums followed the arrest of an administrator known as pompompurin, who faces a charge of conspiracy to commit access device fraud. BreachForums had become a hub for buying and selling stolen databases from various companies, making it a lucrative platform for cybercriminals.

The shutdown of BreachForums has led to speculation that cybercriminals may migrate to other forums for their illegal activities. Telegram, a host for cybercriminal activities, may see increased threat actors looking for solutions they can no longer find on the shutdown forum. A statement from Flashpoint confirms that threat actors will likely continue to seek breached databases, and it remains to be seen if this will be through an alternative venue or a new forum entirely.



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