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The United States EPA Make Moves to Shield Water Systems from Cyberattacks

In a recent development, the United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA) revealed plans to establish a “Water Sector Cybersecurity Task Force.” According to Michael Regan (EPA Administrator) and Jake Sullivan (National Security Advisor), who emphasized the need to secure access to clean and safe drinking water through the security of wastewater systems, “Drinking water and wastewater systems are an attractive target for cyberattacks because they are a lifeline critical infrastructure sector but often lack the resources and technical capacity to adopt rigorous cybersecurity practices,” Hacktivist Cyber Av3ngers and Volt Typhoon are at the top of the list of possible attackers because of previous links to intrusions targeting national water systems.

ILG (International Logistics Group Ltd) becomes a victim of the Blackbasta ransomware group along with Logista Solutions.

ILG (International Logistics Group Ltd): This West Sussex logistic company specializes in Fulfillment, Warehousing, Global Export Courier, Customs advisory services, E-Commerce Fulfillment, Global Import Courier, UK Delivery Services, European Road, Returns Management, Global Mail, Wellbeing Fulfillment, Fashion Fulfillment, Beauty Fulfillment, and Pick-and-Pack. The company has over 500 employees and $22.1 million in revenue.

Logista Solutions: Logista Solutions is an American IT company that provides structured IT support solutions and system integration to clients. The company has over 500 employees and a revenue of $73.1 million.

Three Cybercriminals in Custody of the Ukraine Authorities Over Hijacking 100 Million Emails and Instagram Accounts.

After successful operations in Kyiv, Odesa, Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Donetsk, and Kirovohrad, the Ukrainian cyber police have confiscated 70 computers, 14 phones, bank cards, and over $3000 and arrested three individuals linked to the activities. The suspects operate by gathering and selling these sensitive credentials on the black market, while other cyber criminals who purchase them use their Instagram accounts and mail for scamming purposes.

One of the arrested individuals, Robert Purbeck (aka Lifelock or Studmaster), a US national, pleaded guilty to breaching over a dozen US entities. He will be sentenced on June 18, 2024.

BunnyLoader Malware is back with a Modular Attack Feature.

According to cybersecurity researchers, a new version of BunnyLoader (BunnyLoader 3.0), a new malware loader with an advanced feature that aids detection difficulty, is now used by cybercriminals. “Player,” the malware developer, stated that the updated malware is capable of data theft, reduced payload size, and enhanced keylogging. Further details by Palo Alto Network confirmed the information revealed by Player about the malware as it reiterated the ability of the malware to steal information, credentials, and cryptocurrency and deliver additional malware to its victim.

Springfield Sign is now a victim of the 8base ransomware group. The American company specializes in sign fabrication, sign service, sign maintenance, site surveys, sign design, sign building, sign installation, engineered sign design, logo design, branding, sign permit acquisition, customer service, laser cutting, custom fabrication, engineering, exterior signage, interior signage, and digital signage. The company has over 200 employees with a revenue of $15.9 million.

Wannago Cloud has become a victim of the Qilin ransomware group. The IT company specializes in cloud services, cloud computing, infrastructure-as-a-service, backup-as-a-service, disaster recovery-as-a-service, firewall-as-a-service, disaster recovery, data loss prevention, and cybersecurity. Wannago Cloud has over 50 employees and a revenue of $6.1 million. 



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