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Today, On The Bench 17 January 2024

8base ransomware has hit Nexus Telecom, a Swiss telecommunication company known for designing and building the world’s most scalable, adaptable, and independent monitoring, analytics, and automation platforms for communication and control service providers. They also take pride in delivering performance and quality assurance for voice, video, and data services and applications. Considering the services offered by the company, there is a lot at stake if the damage by 8base spins out of control.

Google advises all Chrome users to immediately update their browsers to fix the four security flaws patched in the recently released update. The flaw is tagged CVE-2024-0519. According to MITRE’s Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE), “By reading out-of-bounds memory, an attacker might be able to get secret values, such as memory addresses, which can be bypass protection mechanisms such as ASLR in order to improve the reliability and likelihood of exploiting a separate weakness to achieve code execution instead of just denial of service.”

Sunfab Hydraulics AB is in the net of 8base ransomware. The Swedish hydraulic company, whose services cut across the production of single flow pumps, dual flow pumps, variable flow pumps, hydraulic motors, accessories, and applications, is currently employing the help of IT professionals to remediate the situation and prevent further escalation.

A New Zealand company, Washtech, with 51-200 employees and a speciality in dishwashers, crate washers, ware washers, rack conveyors, and glasswashers, is one of today’s victims of 8base ransomware.

Following a recently discovered vulnerability, leading to the exposure of credentials, GitHub has taken the step of rotating keys to improve security. The action by the Microsoft-owned subsidiary is aimed at preventing hackers from exploiting sensitive details. The vulnerability tracked as CVE-2024-0200 (CVSS score: 7.2) currently has no evidence of previous exploitation.

Money and information are at risk as Medusa ransomware hits an accounting firm in the United States. Stone Avant and Daniels, whose current revenue is pegged at $5 million, is working hard to liberate itself from the net of Medusa. There is currently no information regarding the extent of damage caused by the attack.

An Agriculture company worth $3.1 billion is currently a victim of Medusa ransomware. Rosen’s Diversified Inc. is an American agricultural company focused on livestock and several arms of agriculture.

Recent discovery revealed a new iShutdown method exposes hidden spyware like Pegasus on your iPhone. This is a new lightweight method identified by cybersecurity researchers to help Apple iOS device users identify the presence of spyware, including famous ones such as Pegasus, QuaDream’s Reign, and Intellexa’s Predator.

AndroxGh0st currently targets AWS, Azure, and Office 365 credentials. The United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a strong warning about the situation earlier. The agency warned about creating a botnet for victim identification and exploitation in target networks through the deployment of AndroxGh0st malware by threat actors.




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