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Ukraine Cyber Police Dismantled Phishing Groups Accountable For $4.33 Million Scam

The collaboration between the Ukrainian cyber police and the Czechia law enforcement officials yielded an impressive result after apprehending the cybercriminals responsible for setting up multiple phishing websites targeting European users. The arrest involved twelve people across the European Union, with two identified group leaders.

Evidence gathered by the security agencies revealed the suspects have successfully created over 100 phishing portals targeting users from France, Spain, Poland, Czechia, Portugal, and other countries within the same geographical region.

Cybercriminals typically employ a tactic that involves establishing numerous counterfeit websites that advertise incredible discounts to lure unsuspecting users into placing orders without taking any security measures. Unbeknownst to these users, the fraudulent websites are designed to collect their financial data, which the perpetrators use to siphon money from their bank accounts. As a result, many victims fail to receive their expected orders and suffer financial losses of varying magnitudes.

Security agencies have reported that cybercriminals have displayed a high level of sophistication by establishing call centres to handle customer complaints, making their entire operation appear legitimate. When angry customers call to inquire about their orders, the scammers patiently listen and promise to resolve the issue professionally, even though they have no intention of addressing the loss. The fraudulent scheme also included the creation of two call centres located in Vinnytsia and Lviv, where operators were employed to persuade customers to make purchases.

After capturing the perpetrators, it was discovered that they had accumulated more than $4.33 million by defrauding 100 individuals from various locations. The operation resulted in the security agency’s seizure of several items, such as mobile phones, SIM cards, computers, and accessories. Over 30 searches were conducted during the operation.

Currently, the criminals are being held in custody, awaiting trial for their offences, and could potentially face a 12-year prison term.



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