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BreachForum is Back in Business

Cybersecurity researchers and dark web trackers have brought security agencies’ attention to the return of the famous cybercriminal called BreachForum. This is happening barely two weeks after the confiscation and destruction of BreachForums’ infrastructure by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) in a coordinated raid. More reports from the researchers revealed one of the destroyed websites operated by ShinyHunters since inception has engaged in activities involving the sales of a 1.3 TB database containing PII (Personal Identifiable Information) of over 560 million Ticketmaster customers for $500,000. Further details about the operation suggest the arrest of two administrators (Baphomet and ShinyHunters) and the confiscation of the telegram channel operated by Baphomet.

New Discovery by Microsoft Exposed New North Korean Hacker Group

Threat intelligence by Microsoft uncovers the existence of a new hacker group called Moonstone Sleet. “Moonstone Sleet is observed to set up fake companies and job opportunities to engage with potential targets, employ trojanized versions of legitimate tools, create a malicious game, and deliver a new custom ransomware.” Further details about the discovery associate the group with North Korea and further postulated that the group is responsible for cyber attacks focused on software and information technology organizations, education, and the defence industry. There is speculation that the group might also be affiliated with Lazarus Group due to one of their attacks involving the associated bespoke malware. The group also uses one of the famous techniques standard among Korean threat actors (tried-and-true technique).

Cybercriminal Sentenced to 10 Years Imprisonment for Multimillion Dollars Email Scam

Malachi Mullings, a 31-year-old from Sandy Springs, is now facing a 10-year sentence by the Department of Justice (DoJ) for his involvement in business email compromise schemes and romance scams. These illicit activities have resulted in the laundering of over $4.5 million. The extent of his operations is staggering, with Malachi owning 20 bank accounts under the guise of a non-existing company, The Mullings Group LLC. The DoJ’s statement reveals the true extent of his actions, stating that ‘Together with his co-conspirators, Mullings engaged in financial transactions designed to conceal the fraud proceeds and used some of the proceeds to purchase luxury items, such as expensive cars and jewellery.’

Allied Telesis has suffered a ransomware attack from the famous lockbit ransomware group. The Canadian computer networking company has over 5,000 employees and specializes in Software-Defined Networking, IP Surveillance Networking, Ethernet, Converged Infrastructure, Managed Services, IoT, smart cities, networking, next-generation networks, network solutions, cybersecurity, network security, and data protection. Allied Telesis has over $390 million in revenue.

A blackout ransomware group has attacked MCM Telecom. The Mexican telecommunications company with over 500 employees specializes in Telecommunications, Internet, Data Links, Data Centers, Security, Consulting, Telecommunications, Cybersecurity, Dedicated Links, Cloud, and Business Internet. MCM Telecom has over $62.4 million in revenue.



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