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TODAY, ON THE BENCH Thursday 1st February 2024

The primeImaging database was put up for sale by Everest Ransomware group. PrimeImaging is a United States healthcare industry focused on medical imaging. The company currently has over 200 employees and $6.9 million in revenue.

Apple iOS and macOS flaws revealed as CISA warns of its active exploitation. This high-severity flaw affects iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. With a CVSS score of 7.8, the flaw could result in an attacker’s ability to bypass Pointer Authentication. Currently, no vivid evidence exists of how attackers weaponize the vulnerability for their mischievous purposes.

Rhysida ransomware group has launched a successful ransomware attack against Cnpc Peru s.a. The company, with a revenue of $37.2 million and over 500 employees, is a subsidiary of the famous China National Petroleum Corporation, which is renowned as one of the world’s largest oil and gas producers and suppliers.

The United States Fed has shut down China-linked “KV-Botnet,” which is known to target SOHO Routers. According to The Department of Justice (DoJ), “The vast majority of routers that comprised the KV-botnet were Cisco and NetGear routers that were vulnerable because they had reached ‘end of life’ status; that is, they were no longer supported through their manufacturer’s security patches or other software updates.”

Robert D. Clements Jr Law Group LLP suffered a ransomware attack by the Bianlian group. The company is a United States legal firm known for representing clients needing legal advice regarding divorce, child custody, personal injury, probate, insurance litigation, and business litigation throughout southeast Texas. The company currently has over ten employees.

It’s been disclosed that HeadCrab 2.0 is currently targeting Redis servers for crypto mining. According to one of the reports, the campaign has almost doubled the number of infected Redis servers. HeadCrab’s design allows the infiltration of internet-exposed Redis servers and wrangles them into a botnet for cryptocurrency mining. Further studies revealed that HeadCrab leverages access to allow threat actors to execute shell commands, load fileless kernel modules, and exfiltrate data to a remote server.

Southwark Council is in the net of the Meow ransomware group following a recent attack on the company. This government administrative company specializes in Local Government, Housing, Public Health, Parks and Open Spaces, Libraries, Heritage and Arts, Education, Adult Social Care, Children’s Social Care, Environmental Services, Planning, Regeneration, Education, and Resident Services. The company currently has over 5,000 employees and a revenue of $20.9 million.

ETSolutions becomes a victim of thream ransomware group. The German company is focused on commercial and residential construction. With over 50 employees, the company currently has a revenue of $20.7 million.



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